Dream big and without end

Iris has been taking care of Pineut’s sales activities since last summer. With great plans ahead, she feels like a fish in the water. And she fantasises about it, about an idyllic future in Scandinavia, for example.

Iris, tell us. What do you do at Pineut?

I am refining existing plans, try to ensure that the tipping point we are on continues. Because after five years there has been a shift, we are also moving abroad. So we try out new things in other countries enthusiastically.

And the Netherlands?

Of course we do not forget that. I focus mainly on our large customers, Martine takes care of our loyal retail customers. But we are a small office, so in practice it comes down to taking care of multiple tasks. I do not mind that at all, as the organizing nut that I am.

How do you initiate new contacts abroad?

By telling our story about how Pineut originated. And I highlight a couple of our ‘neuten’, for example our bestsellers: Tough Guy and The Wild Lady. This includes tasting of course. Because I notice that people expect the taste to be inferior to our fun packaging. But nothing is less true, there is often an ‘aha-erlebnis’. Very nice to make that happen.

Are you a liqueur-lover yourself?

Not by nature, but since I work at Pineut, I often drink a neut in the weekend. I recently organized a tasting on my father’s birthday, a perfect gift. Pineut is hygge, do you know that? A Danish concept that stands for the creation of conviviality. Fire water then came out as the best in the test, but for a rookie like me that one was a bit hardcore.

Which neut do you prefer to drink?

The Pure Bliss Neut when the it’s cold outside. And in the summer Ready to be Kissed. It is nice and fresh. And Holy Shot tastes like ouzo, delicious. In fact, I am the perfect target group for Pineut. I find it easy to make it yourself in this way.

How do you see the future?

Laughs: “It is my dream to live in Denmark at one time. So I hope that Pineut will continue to grow over the next five years and that I will be a shareholder by then. I can see myself sitting in our next office in Scandinavia. ”