Kek’s Goodies 

Leonie Hulselmans is the proud owner of Kek, a lunchroom, coffee bar and shop. Since five years you can find her place along the idyllic canals of Delft. The menu features dishes such as homemade apple-raspberry-nut crumble and grilled halloumi burgers. In the store you will find unique products from great designers. And the bottles of Pineut feature in this fun shop from the start. 

How did you get the idea for Kek? 
I once studied business administration. But I did not like that at all. I did like my parttime job in hospitality though. Once I finished my bachelor’s degree, I decided to travel around Australia. On my own, to find out what I actually wanted. But when I returned, I still did not know that. 

Oops! And then what happened? 
In Australia I saw all kinds of nice little businesses where the owner himself was behind the bar. They not only sold coffee and other tasty items, but also cool products from local designers. This concept inspired me so much that I decided to write a business plan. Just for fun initially, but it got a bit out of control. 

Because now you have Kek, a popular spot in Delft. 
And I’m not even from this city! During a day out, I ran into a beautiful empty building here. I decided to take a gamble and struck up a conversation with the owner. He believed in my plan. And suddenly I could start! 

How was that? 
Luckily, I did not know what I was getting myself into, haha! There was little budget, so I did everything myself. I thought up the menu, set up the kitchen and the rest of the building. Nowadays I work together with a great team who carry out my wild plans with me. Always under the Kek flag: with love and just a little bit different. 

Pineut fits in well with that? 
The ‘neuten’ from Rotterdam are in our assortment for a long time already. We even sold the original lace edged bottles. That is pretty special, usually we sell brands for a short period only. But Pineut has been selling well from day one, the story is right. Our customers like the DIY aspect of this product. Some even use this as their standard go to gift.