About us

Pineut is founded by Femke van der Kuijp and Marlies van Iterson. They love to experiment with different flavour combinations. And they don’t mind the tasting of their own creations either. Be our guest is their credo. Something that appeared to be pretty simple. And fun.

Femke and Marlies develop products with a story, which dates back to a time when DIY was pretty common. This resulted in a DIY liqueur, a no-nonsense young grain jenever and a nostalgic punch. Products are produced fair and sustainable.

Pineut is part of Food in Concept. We love pleasant collaborations. Are you interested in joining our network of Pineut suppliers? Lovely! Please contact us for further information at info@foodinconcept.nl.

Press – Interested in writing about Pineut? You’re definitely more than welcome. Pictures and product descriptions can be found in our press kit. Please contact us for questions by writing to info@www.pineut.nl.

True craft

Pineut is manufactured in various social enterprises in the Netherlands, by people distanced from the labour market. They work their magic on our natural ingredients and turn them into flavoursome drinks, wrapped in an elegant bottle or flask. The production team of Stroomopwaarts would like to tell you how this process works. Stroomopwaarts is a social enterprise in Rotterdam.