Gift set

Teun is Pineut’s little brother. We bottled this jenever because of its soft taste. Teun matches Pineut perfectly, but a jenever lover might also enjoy it straight up. This DIY gift consists of a bottle of this no-nonsense young grain jenever and a Pineut of your choice.

We asked illustrator Rachel Sender to illustrate the gift wrapping. It is a true pleasure for the eye.


  • 1x Bottle Pineut of your choice
  • 1x Bottle Teun young grain jenever 200ml 35%vol

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Jeneverian history

Jenever is a typical Dutch product and is made of grains, juniper berries and other tasty herbs. It was probably first produced in Dutch ports in the seventeenth century. These cities held big warehouses which were packed with herbs and spices from every corner of the world.

Rotterdam knows a rich jenever tradition. Back then, the distilleries had to move out of the busy cities. It became Schiedam’s turn to flourish. Our young grain jenever Teun is from there.