Table water strawberry hibiscus

The combination of strawberries and hibiscus gives this table water a gorgeous full-bodied flavour. Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and the strawberries give you a vitamin C-boost. You will flourish!

Our refreshing table waters come in a beautiful carafe with a glass lid and clamps. With this you not only give a tasty, but also a lasting gift. An inspiration to make many more table waters.


  • freeze dried strawberries
  • hibiscus

Add it yourself

  • water

Preparation time

  • 1 week of minder

How to make table water

Top off the colourful mix with (tap) water, let steep for at least thirty minutes and serve! Feel free to refill the carafe with water a few times during the day. The fruit and leaves give off a lot of taste so make the most of it.


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