The Wild Lady

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Wild strawberries have been growing for ages in forests in the Netherlands and Belgium. This wild lady is bursting with these beautiful strawberries. Combine her with fresh mint and vodka. Be careful though, she can be dangerous. She is pretty easy to drink.


  • Strawberries
  • Cane sugar

Add it yourself

  • Vodka or Genever
  • Fresh mint

Preparation time

  • 6 weken of minder

Getting Started

DIY is very simple. Not to mention fun! We have carefully composed the ingredients of our liqueurs, so your part of the job is easy. See for yourself!

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Ingredient explained: strawberries

Our Wild Lady is bursting with delicious freeze-dried strawberries. The delightful flavour and texture is preserved, thanks to this beautiful conserving method. It also lengthens the preservability which allows you to eat these strawberries out of season! And it is a very sustainable method, since the surplus of strawberries don't have to be thrown away. We like that.

Summery sangria

The Wild Lady is perfect for cocktails, especially combined with prosecco. Or transform your Wild Lady into a mind-blowing sangria. Bring out the straws!

Download the recipe here

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