With this punch, it is nostalgia all the way! Probably best known as a punch bowl, a common drink at birthdays back in the days. Pineut’s punch guarantees a really successful comeback. Our punch contains exclusive natural ingredients which combines deliciously with a light fruity wine.

This beauty aligns with our ‘be our guest’-credo and comes with an easy starter kit. In this kit, you’ll find a combination of fruit and herbs, the exact amount you’ll need for one bottle of wine. There is a warm winter and a cold summer punch. The only thing you’ll have to do is add the mix to the wine and the party will be buzzing with your perfect punch. Now enjoy it like it’s 1969.

Golden oldie
From the seventeenth century onwards, punch was a common drink at every party. The English brought the idea back from India. They named it punch because it originally contains five ingredients, a handful. Punch used to be wine or brandy based. Later on, new variations emerged.