‘With Het Faire Oosten, I try to tempt people to shop in a sustainable way.’ 

We spoke with Magali Heuberger, founder of Het Faire Oosten. A very popular store in Amsterdam East where makers, artists and doers meet each other, online and in person. Sustainability, craftsmanship and creativity are important pillars. Recently, Pineut has been added to their shelves. Now we’re talking! 

Het Faire Oosten has existed for almost four years. How did you start up?
 Het Faire Oosten came from a lack. A lack in both supply and manner of presentation. I found that local makers and fair trade suppliers did not get enough space. In addition, I find that fast fashion and cheap mass production really are not-done any longer. Not for the planet, but not for ourselves either. I wanted to present true crafts and healthier alternatives in an attractive way. Because I believe that the world will get better if we all consume in a different way; more aware and curious about innovation and quality. This is how I try to seduce people to shop in a sustainable manner. ‘ 

great seduction tactic!
‘It is a tactic in which I emphasize the quality and innovative character of sustainable consumption. That includes local products as well as that which comes from far. As long as they are made under the right conditions. The triptych environment, animals and people must be right, I remain adamant in that. Doesn’t everyone want a healthy environment and a decent wage? With a fair trade assortment I want to show that we people do not differ so much from each other in our wishes, even though we live on other sides of the globe. ‘ 

How do you look back on the past years?
‘You continue to learn and develop, and you always keep changing things a little bit. You prefer to make beginners mistakes only once, haha. What is so nice about Het Faire Oosten and what offers so much possibility is that I hardly stick to so-called sacred retail laws. I look and I feel around. I adjust my purchasing and presentation accordingly. What is cool is that we do not focus on one specific target group. Young, old, we have something to offer everyone. Together with my team we do what we feel like and what makes us happy. And that works. “ 

And our neuten, do they work too?
‘When the holidays were coming up last year, we needed a new and catchy gift. Pineut looks beautiful and it appeals to the imagination. Our first order was sold out within a few days, as if our customers were waiting for it. A good example of how joy and creativity can go hand in hand with sustainability. Those are robust terms, but together they work so well. ‘